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Korean pronunciation English meaning

General sentences

Basic precautions in Korea

Office atmosphere:
1.	Most of the meetings will be held in Korea language. Don¡¯t forget to ask your manager regarding minutes of meetings. This will help you in knowing about company affairs as well it is a fundamental right to know the information
2.	You already would have tasted the communication skills of your colleagues. Control your feeling. Some times they use harsh words (they use harsh words not because they are so much angry but because lake of communications skills). Don¡¯t get angry and loss your control. 
3.	Most of the companies unlike in India do not have company¡¯s letter heads. Find out how official communication takes place. And try to get every document properly. Because later in India we will be bothered, and our people will ask for copies of documents.
4.	In Korean office employees and management will clean the office themselves. If you have any problem to join them try to convince them peacefully. Else they feel that you are arrogant.
5.	Very careful about monthly salaries. Previously some sick companies not gave 3-4 months of salaries. If you leave the company/country, you may have to loss that amount permanently.

Eating habits:

1.	Eat well. Contrary to India we won¡¯t be having any time for eating breakfast nor do we have any special dishes for it. Make a habit of taking Bread, Biscuits or fruits in first hour of the office. Eating & washing in the office is allowed.
2.	Some of packets of fishes, muttons etc are cold stored for a long period.  Some of them may cause food poisoning. Be care full in selecting the right one.
3.	Koreans has the habit of eating raw fishes & Octopus. They will be served just immediately after cutting into pieces. Some of the piece will still be having life. They may twist your tongue. It may create near death situation. Eat them very carefully. 
4.	While in restaurants fire will be kept on the table for frying pork.  Pork pieces will emit very hot oil.  Make sure those very hot oil drops don¡¯t fall on your hands or body.
5.	If you have reservations about the contents of food check for the food being ordered and don¡¯t hesitate to ask supplier to remove those items before cooking. Even pizzas contain beef.
6.	While going for outing or for restaurants, Vegetarians need to carry a list of names of ¡°near¡± vegetarian dishes. 

Road & safety:
1.	The vehicles here will have very high acceleration. You may misjudge the time to cross the road. Even in midnight try to cross only at zebra crossing. Last year a Samsung Software engineer (Indian) died on the spot when he met with accident in the night.
2.	As here driving will be on right side opposite to India, while crossing roads look towards your left hand side before attempting to cross the road. Many people are confused at that movement. Unexpectedly they follow Indian rules and look towards right and proceed for crossing but vehicle can hit them from left hand side.
3.	Most of the places there will be free left turns for the vehicles. Stand two steps back from the road while standing for Green signal for Walkers. 
4.	While driving on a car make a sure that you have complete control over the steering. Have a special look for heavy tone vehicles, goods carriers, and lengthy containers. They are the main accident causing vehicles. They park on the roads, and occupy roads while making a turning. 
5.	Seat belt is the most common thing. Which should not be forgotten?  
6.	Never attempt for two people to go by a two wheelers. 
7.	When you are working in hazardous, chemical & high voltage place demand for putting the precautionary boards in English.

1.	As you have observed weather conditions are completely opposite to India. Try to cover every part.
2.	Snow may cover the stones, iron rods, or path holes. Judge care fully while you are stepping into snow. 
3.	While snowing your shoes will skid. Take a firm grip over every step.
4.	While it is snowing the vehicle will slid.  Many accidents are happening because of this. Even while walking on foot path some may trouble you. Have always eye open when it is snowing.
5.	Weather conditions change very drastically. There will be drastic changes in temperatures and winds speed. Always be prepared with protective clothing¡¯s
6.	In India Many people have the habit of moving in rain. But here clubbed with heavy winds the rain creates drop in temperature. Avoid wetting in the rain.

1.	Here the gas Stove emits lot of heat. Follow all the rules which you have learnt and forgotten them as a silly in India. Don¡¯t hesitate to ask your sisters or cousins for advice.
2.	Never forget to switch OFF the boiler after using it.
3.	Even in summer try to switch ON the boiler for few minutes. If you don¡¯t use the boiler for 2/3 days it will be spoiled.
4.	Don¡¯t throw vegetable cut pieces into drain. It will chock off the water outlet.
5.	Here rooms are prone for fire accidents. Keep Tub full of water in a corner. Preserve your valuable documents.
6.	While in rain or snow close window doors tightly, if not lot of dust will fall all over the room.

Last but not least:
In Gita the lord Krishna said to Arjuna:
     "Swadharme Nidhanam Shreya Paradharmo Bhayaavaha" 
Lord Rama said to Lakshmana:
 "Janani janmabhoomischa swargadapi gariyasi".

--Enjoy the stay in Korea---