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Muraleee's photo album

Please find below , the links to my aulbums......... uppermost is the latest Album....

Thanks for visiting this page. This page is reflection of my second hobby "Photography and Photo collections"....

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My Travel......

Picnic with MS-Echo friends to Jangyu on 5th Nov 2005- new

Hiking Ponglim San(봉림산) near Changwon University( 창원대 ) on Oct 23rd 2005

Oct-2nd 2005 Indian Brains in Changwon Gettogether at KIMM Ground in Changwon -Si

With my Korean Class friends... in Changwon

Visit to hill top at Changwon- Jinhe Border with Max , Tae seop , Hyeon Soo , Hye Yoen , Jo and Vasu on 4th Sep 2005

Visit to Jirisan with Doctor , Rajeev and Pungal on Aug 28th 2005

Devanshu's B'day on Aug 21st 2005

Visit to Senjusa Temple with Srenu , Rajeev and Pungal - updated on Aug 04-2005

Wanna know about the different systems in a Ship... the photo graphs of Korean warship used during Korean war....

Park's Bday Celebrations in R&D Center- updated on 28th July,2005

Dongwasa Temple visit on 16th July,2005 in South Korea

With Indian brains of Changwon

Visit to Krishna Ashram in South Korea

Visit to Ramana's family , Kohyaan and Hagdong Beach

Seoul trip

Company premises - Samhyun Co Ltd , #62-5 Palyong Dong , Changwon-Si

My apartment - 502 no. 309 Yongji apartment

Goa trip for product training in CGL Feb 2004


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